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The smell of myself two days ago that remains
in the bed when I got home

The smell of a ¥10 coin that is so significant,
not like a ¥1 or a ¥100 coin

The smell of the hair of my little niece,
growing only a few years since she was a baby

The smell of the skin of the ripe melon

The smell of the evening squall,
suddenly brings back the air that I felt when I was traveling

The smell of the perfume that the person was wearing
but I missed the chance to ask

The smell of between the seasons that only exists for one day

At times, the smell that comes out of the blue makes us think,
“Maybe the world is not as big as we think”

The hand's skin 2020.11.06

I can figure out approximately the scent of that person by watching his / her hand.

Of course, I can’t tell the difference in DNA level and I’ve never tried. Still, I can figure out into several patterns just like some categories. I feel like “OK, I see, this person is this type.”

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